Does the oil absorbing paper really suck the oil on the face?

- Nov 02, 2018-


There are many kinds of oil absorbing paper, mainly because the molecular structure of its material is easy to combine with oil molecules.

Although using oil-absorbing paper is a good way to protect skin, it should not be used every day. After oil-absorbing, you should wash your face in time and apply moisturizing cream. Otherwise, the skin will lose its original oil content, but it will be harmful to the skin.

When choosing oil absorbing paper, choose according to its material and skin. Powdery oil absorbent paper contains fine powder, and has the effect of oil absorption and makeup, especially suitable for people with cosmetic habits. Oil absorption effect of linen oil absorbent paper is good, but the fiber will be slightly thicker than other materials. When using, just press the face gently to avoid damaging the skin. Gold foil paper is good, it has bactericidal effect and has a strong oil absorption function. Blue film oil absorbent paper is made of soft and elastic blue colloid. Its greatest feature is soft touch, oil absorption is more than that of general oil absorbent paper. It can absorb oil while retaining the necessary moisture of skin. Rice paper oil absorbent paper fiber is particularly meticulous and compact, the oil absorbed will be stored in the fiber, can be repeated oil absorption, only oil absorbent powder, will not destroy makeup.