Bamboo Makes Make-up, French Organic Make-up Brand, Force CS Channel

- Nov 02, 2018-

ABSTRACT: On October 19, Zao, a natural organic makeup brand owned by French COSM'ETIKA FRANCE, announced its formal entry into the Chinese market. It is reported that the brand has more than 2000 retail outlets in France. In addition, it has also entered foreign markets such as Brazil, Holland and Italy.

From the first look at Zao, you may be attracted by its packaging.

Whether it's lipstick or liquid foundation, Zao's image is based on bamboo. Even the brand image counter is a combination of bamboo and French vertical cabinet to highlight the vitality and vitality of the brand.


David Reccole, the brand's founder, pointed out at the meeting that organic is the highest purpose of Zao brand. Each ingredient and process of the product complies with this guideline. This is evident from Dr. David Reccole's fastidious demand for raw materials.

David Reccole, founder of brand

For example, it is the first product in the world that uses bamboo in ingredients and packaging at the same time; the pigments in the product come from food extracts such as Brazilian peppers and tomatoes; and the antioxidants added in the product come from baobab seed oil in Madagascar.

It is understood that the Zao imported more than 50 SKU into the Chinese market, all of which were made of organic ingredients. Although there is no specific certification body and certification standard in China, Zao has passed the ECO organic certification and the French BIO certification in the EU.

The emergence of more and more natural organic makeup brands, to a certain extent, also reflects that more and more consumers began to pay attention to the degree of skin damage caused by makeup, willing to choose brands containing natural ingredients.

Zhou Jianlei, founder of orange oranges, said that in the present era, organic make-up is a kind of extreme differentiation. Zao's organic ingredients and packaging design may help it to attract more young people in China, where cosmetics products are highly homogeneous.

New trends in demand for make-up Market

It is Zhongshan Shangyang Technology Co., Ltd., which has been focusing on OBM business such as cosmetic brushes and household beauty machines, that brought Zao brand to China this time.

Talking about the reasons for choosing Zao, Chen Jingshan, chairman of Shangyang Science and Technology, said that the concept of natural conservation advocated by brands is scarce in China, which is the primary reason for choosing Zao.

He also kindly called Zao his "thousand gold". In Shangyang Technology's development plan for the next five years, Zao will take up one third of the previous business of cosmetic brushes and household cosmetology. Zao will be the first brand of organic makeup in CS channel. Both sides will use their respective advantages in the upstream and downstream industries to jointly promote the industrial chain. Growth.

Of course, all these are inseparable from the wave of imports.

In the domestic cosmetics market, imports are still dominant, especially in cosmetics. According to Kaidu data, women aged 15-24 contributed 35.3% of the makeup consumption, accounting for the largest proportion of all age groups. In this group of main consumer groups, 62.1% of consumers will choose the international make-up brand.

However, over the past two years, more and more brands have been stationed in the Chinese market like Zao. The emergence of a large number of brands not only makes it difficult for consumers to make shopping decisions, but also causes considerable trouble for retailers.

Under the influence of the wave of imports, many stores will choose to support imports, hoping to help the store achieve drainage effect. However, many shops did not grow well. At this point, how to choose a good import brand is very important.

Deng Min, founder of App App, pointed out that a good import brand, besides good quality, also needs the willingness to invest in the brand for a long time. This is the case with Zao's strategic cooperation with Shangyang Technologies.


In fact, as early as 2016, Shangyang Technologies announced that it had reached a brand strategic cooperation with Zao. In the past three years of intensive cultivation, it not only deeply understood the shopping preferences of Chinese consumers, but also made some attempts through flash stores.

So far, Zao has entered Yanli and Orange Orange System, and will enter CS channels in various provinces in the future. It is expected to open up 500 outlets in second-tier cities next year.

Whether Zao, an organic makeup brand, can overtake other international makeup brands by "bending" or not, still needs to be tested by the whole cosmetics market and consumers.